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Contus Support who operates from India is not worth of money you spend. You may get only junk. Save your worthful time and money. My friend is also in deep trouble because of them.

I wonder how other clients accept their low grade work with glaring UI issues. They don't accept their flaws nor do they work towards rigorous testing. They are a confused lot not knowing what to do to fix. Result is my client kicked me out from 3 year contract.

The whole team treated me like an ***. Talking with counsels to take them to court. Any help on Indian legal system is appreciated.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Contus support is a wonderful company to waste your money. Even a *** person can make better sense than them.

They gave me their gropuon clone script, it is just a bug script. Every now and then I need to call them for fixing the issue. These high profiled foolish people ask me to wait till the next update. I had serious issues with the payment gateway.

How would I wait till next upgrade?

Their demo is good but their script is worse than the junk present in trash can. :(


Will publish some interesting communication between my company and Contus tomorrow on all Social media and the local newspaper in India, will be teaching them a good lesson.

to Amit ***ar Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia #921575

can you publish your communication between your company and contus here?

I am about to purchase their deal script, and would like to know in details I should invest or not?


CONTUS, A *** WASTE OF TIME. They dont understand simple english, and they are *** incompetent. Arun, the sales guy promised this and that, but ultimately, they cant do ***.


Guys please clear up my doubts. I'm about to buy a group clone script from Contus plus iPhone app plus android app plus Facebook app it will cost me around the 5000 bucks!

Should I go for them or not?? I'm so *** confused now!



unfortunatelly I also bought sth from them


I've bought 2 things: grouponclone and additional FB application for that.

GC was fixed by my programmer after 2weeks asking Contus Support for help with no result

FB-APP is still missed, paid a month ago and still didn't sent, installed - nothing.

think twice before You decide to buy sth from them.

PayPal doesn't support virtual transactions so I could't get my money back.



I wish I read this site before. They re-built our website & did SEO.

Invoicing was all the time via paypal. All was fine for 1.5years until one day the site was lost. Strange part is, the same thing has happened to their own sister site PLATOON.IN.... I called them, sent many e-mails without getting any reply.

The person who answers the phone only says we are looking into it- right? The site has been down many days now. Its not good enough as I dont know where I am standing. Are they going to fix it or did they really blew it & are scared to admit it.

At least I expect an e-mail with an explanation. Even if it is lost- I'd accept if they re-do it but not like leaving me in the darkness & not knowing what the *** is going on.

Am I pissed? I am thinking of taking them to court as this is unacceptable-my loss is in thousands of dollars.


We too bought system from Group clone. It was a big fraud.

They need four months to deliver system they promise in one month, and system is full of mistakes. They ask me much money extra to system, they say that many things I need for business not included in pack.

When I asked after four months to get refund they say I am far and if I want money back I can come to India to try. Very unpolite and *** behavior.


They made a lot of mistakes. But paid penalty in my case. Good in that way.


Contus support in India will cheat you nicely. I spent a lot to clear the mess.


Incurred huge loss out of their work in my ecommerce. Waste sales team.


thank you for calling this lovely tech support! I am Ganesh and I very happily waiting to help you on this lovely wondrous perfect morning. How many I be helping you today sir?


Saved me from the trap.


Oh! looks a lot more out as I had sleepless nights while dealing with this co.

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